LotRO – Free2Play

Sign up to play Lord of the Rings Online for Free!

(Play up to level 65)            

Keen from keenandgraev.com blogs against the insidious microtransaction that plagues most free2play games. After reading the article, I felt this is some good reading.

LotRO going Free-to-Play: Turbine should be ashamed!

A massive blow was dealt to fans of MMORPG’s today as Turbine announced that Lord of the Rings Online will be going Free to Play.  This is terrible news for not only fans of the game but for those fighting hard against the insidious microtransaction disease plaguing this industry.  Lord of the Rings Online was one of my favorite AAA titles of the past decade and always remained a blemish of regret on my record as a game that I wish I had never quit, but did so reluctantly after playing long enough to see all of the content.  That is enormous praise coming from me and a problem that more games can only wish to obtain.


Lifetime Subscriptions – Waste Of Money?

To make up for this obvious flaw in the lifetime subscription plan, Turbine are giving every VIP member 500 Turbine Points per month (it’s worth noting that this also applies to people who want to still use a normal subscription).



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