Star Trek Online goes Free2Play

Okay, here is what you need to know about F2P which is coming to STO by the end of the year.

This is from the Q2 2011 Earnings Conference Call on August 22, 2011 for Perfect World Co., Ltd.

Transcript can be found here. Found here…ipt?part=qanda

This is from the QA part:

Thank you. Your next question comes from Nan Lee, SIG. Please ask the question.

Nan Lee – SIG
Thank you for taking my question. Good morning, everyone. I just have a quick follow-up question on the acquisition of Cryptic Studios. You mentioned about the impact on the top-line, could you also comment on the impact on the OpEx in the third quarter and also the future quarter? Well, can you please also comment the potential margin impact? Thank you.

Vivien **** (VP, IR and Corporate Communications)
[Foreign Language – Chinese]

Kelvin Lau (CFO)
As I mentioned, I think Cryptic, we’re going to consolidate the Cryptic’s financial statements starting from mid August. So clearly when that was compared with the whole group, it is still small and insignificant. So I do expect the revenue contribution from Cryptic will be not be so significant in Q3, especially only one-and-a-half months of consolidation.
Cryptic, the situation right now there, they have almost turnaround very recently, so the impact on the bottom line is also very minimal to the whole group. So as mentioned, we are expecting the big titles we recognized which is going to be launched in the coming year. So – and then we will keep on adding for acquiring Cryptic is previously Cryptic is very keen on looking on all those substitution based model game.
So when Perfect World acquired Cryptic, one of the contribution from Perfect World to Cryptic is we can share our free-to-play experience with Cryptic. So I want to emphasize is that never we’ve done a free-to-play model game, so we’re going to launch this game in US and also in China, so we expect to run these type if free-to-play model game. We have a bigger potential in US and also in China. And also Star Trek Online, after the acquisition, in fact Cryptic is working on the free-to-play model for Star Trek Online. This is going to be launched by the end of this year as well. So I think free-to-play model we have a bigger potential in US market and also in China market. Thank you.

Take a look at it all. It is a good read and will give you some inside into what PWE is planning.

Here is the link to the Presentation text by Michael Chi (Chairman and CEO)…all-transcript

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